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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I'm an amateur naturalist, historical storyteller and kayak guide, having worked in Antarctica for nine seasons and I'm just as passionate now about this Ice Kingdom as my first trip.
Sharing with others what I've experienced is a thrill.
I've just completed my 50th trip to the Last Continent and the unbridled joy I express is hard to contain.
I am available for speaking engagements in central New York and beyond, I'll go where you are.

Kayaking in Antarctica
General Antarctica
Marine biology
Seasonal changes
Global warming and how it affects Antarctica
Whaling history
History of the Greenland kayak
And new this year: Tales of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, including Amundsen, Shackleton, deGerlache, Charcot, Drygalski, Borchgrevink, Nordenskjold as well as my great grandfather, Alex Lange, the first whaling manager sent to Antarctica in 1905 to start taking whales. It's a dubious distinction, of course, but the story is told from the working man's perspective with information gleaned from his personal diaries...translated from Norwegian to English by my uncle, Lex.

To accompany my talks I present gorgeous photos taken from the many sites we visit. Many of these images are magazine quality and reproduce beautifully on the screen with rich colors and stunning clarity. You'll be inspired by their awe-inspiring beauty and feel like you're right there!

For a taste of the types of photos I'll present to your group you may visit my Antarctica BLOG. You won't soon forget this incredible journey!

Among the many places I have spoken and been warmly received are:
Rochester Museum of Science
Binghamton University
Ulysses Philomathic Library
Women Outdoors National Gathering
Kayaking, skiing and other outing clubs

Come with me to Antarctica!
I'm never more jazzed than when talking about this frozen continent.
It's a place that's gotten under my skin, it's in my heart and soul, and makes me want to return again and again.
The pristine quality of the air and water, there's nothing more pure on the planet. I find myself closing my eyes and breathing deeply, trying to fill my senses and bloodstream with its purity.
The close-up encounters we get with leopard seals and whales are unparalleled, their breathing is loud and right next to us, it's a sound and thrilling experience we'll never forget. Leopard seals interact with us with curiosity and are never threatening. We get eyeball to eyeball with them, on their turf.
Working side by side with some of the world's reknown ornithologists, marine biologists, glaciologists and historians we learn vast volumes of knowledge from them and get to share what we know.
Standing in the midst of ruins from expeditions and explorations of over a hundred years ago brings home the intense harshness of the conditions they endured.
We sit breathlessly quiet in our kayaks, floating on currents that have carried ice bergs and debris from nearby calving glaciers for millenia.
We wander to the tops of peaks to view vistas of over a hundred miles, unobstructed by man-made influences, with glaciers lined up flank to flank and mountain ranges as far as the eye can see.
With 50 trips to Antarctica under my belt I've learned a thing or two about the place. Let me share it with you and your audience.
I bring you all this and more through a series of every-changing photos taken by our numerous expedition staff, talented passengers, plus a few of my own...photos we've all shared over time.

Here's a little taste of what it's like for us spending time in Antarctica aboard eco tourism cruise ships.
The kayaking's not bad either!
Turn up your volume good and loud and just enjoy.
Cruising in Antarctica

Richard is a Kiwi friend who's making inroads in cinematography with time-lapse scenes from the poles. Here's an amazing trailer for his upcoming feature film.
Landscapes at the World's Ends

And lastly, here's one of four videos I created this season showing what it's like kayaking in Antarctica. I call this one
Kayaking in Paradise


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